When it comes to the transportation of horses many are familiarised and accustomed with transportation from the beginning. However there are many of them that have never been transported, even if they have not been transported before, there might difficulty to load the horse into the vehicle. Some horses might be challenging to manage during transportation, you can avoid these stresses by tranquilizing the horses. Here are the basic things to reduce stress in horses during transportation.

  • Train the Horses – Preparation and regular training loading and unloading is the key to success. Start by familiarising your horse with the horsebox and progress to short runs at first then longer runs as your confidence rises. Loading can be stressful which is why it’s vitally important to remain calm and relaxed so your horse is reassured by your body language.
  • Inspect the vehicle – Before you start your journey, inspect the vehicle and ensure proper sanitation.
  • Recovery Period – On long hauls plan for plenty of stops and recovery periods.
  • Plan a Short Route – When it comes to transporting the horses, try to plan the shortest route with minimum duration. Also take care of the weather condition and environmental temperatures.
  • Flooring – The flooring should remain non-slip throughout the trip. You can use absorbent bedding to soak up manure and urine excreted.
  • Ventilation – To ensure minimum stress to the horses while transporting, having adequate ventilation is a must. Electric roof vents provide great airflow and will help reduce the temperature in the horsebox.
  • Halter – Providing a well-fitting halter, preferably leather halter, is recommended.
  • Food and Water – While transporting the horses with horseboxes, they must be provided with enough food and water.
  • Traffic and Fuel stops – It is highly recommended not to spend a prolonged stationary period at refueling stops or in traffic. A horsebox in the sun can be at least 20 degree hotter inside than outside. Traffic often gets delayed during summer and that associates fumes and smoke which can be harmful to the horses. If you predict that there might be a prolonged delay, try to reroute your journey if safe stop and unload.