Are you thinking of entering horse riding competitions? Well, once you go through the application process and book your accommodation, you need to sort out the transportation for your horse. Wondering how to ensure the safety of your horses during the transit? Trust us, buying a new horsebox can be the best way to ensure the safety and comfort of your prized animals during transportation!

Whether you are planning to enter a national competition or want to participate in an equestrian event, a horsebox can help you keep your horse safe throughout the journey. While you may think of hiring one, buying new horseboxes can be your most viable option. But with a number of manufacturing companies to choose from, picking the ideal one can be a bit daunting. It is here that the need for putting some thought into choosing a quality horsebox arises.



Ensure the horsebox has sufficient payload to safely transport your horses. Exceeding the maximum gross vehicle weight of a horsebox can be dangerous and compromise the safety of your horse and passengers.


When buying horseboxes, it is important to verify if the vehicle has the capability to transport your horses safely for all kinds of journeys. Never invest in a vehicle which is only suitable for short distance journeys since a time will soon come when you have to invest in a better vehicle. Be it a half hour journey or five hours long journey, the horsebox should be able to provide your horses with the comfort they deserve.


If you have ponies it’s always wise to purchase a horsebox which can help you keep ahead of the curve. Think about how big your horses are likely to become in the future and look for a horsebox which can accommodate grown-up horses. By buying a small horsebox, you cannot expect it to last throughout the lifespan of your horses. A vehicle which is suitable for your pony now may not be suitable in five years’ time.


Storage of tack is an important part of the horsebox. It should be able to accommodate all of your extra supplies, including your saddles and other essential equipment. Consider the size of your saddles and ensure tack lockers with saddles rack are large enough to store them.


It goes without saying that when it comes to buying a horsebox, the safety of your horse is of paramount importance.

Ensure the bulkhead between the can and horse area is reinforced and tied into both the cab and the body shell.

Floors made of timber are strong but require regular maintenance and replacement. Aluminium floors are easier to maintain and offer longer life cycles.

Choose a stall that not only suits the size and shape of your horse but also allows your horse to travel relaxed and comfortable. Sliding stall doors allow quick and easy re-positioning of the stall door, ideal if you often transport different size horses. Ensure there are lots of tie rings and hay hooks in convenient locations.

Removable breast bars and breast chains are essential if your horse tries to rear up and gets hooked over a breast bar/chain.

Internal walls with large doors and a large rear door will also allow the horse to exit the horsebox in case the ramp cannot be used.

Stall padding can also help aid the comfort of your horse when travelling longer distances.

Red travelling lights may also relax your horse while travelling.